How cosmetic surgeries are done?

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At present, the cosmetic surgery became more viral among the people and they get confused which cosmetic surgery procedure would be best for them. Since, there are several cosmetic surgeries are available which make you to get confuse to choose which one is best and suitable for you. Mostly cosmetic plastic surgery is done by surgical and non surgical procedures in order to enhance the body structure and to improve the physical appearance. By doing one can improve their confidence level and have positive physical appearance and it is mainly based on one’s personal choice.

Various Cosmetic Procedures:

Although, there are several cosmetic procedures available and they are mostly classified based on the body parts which are operated and some of common cosmetic procedures listed below.

  • Breast
  • Fat reduction
  • Body lifts
  • Face and neck
  • Minimally invasive
  • Male specific plastic surgery
  • Vaginal rejuvenation

All the above groups has several treatments such as the breast cosmetic procedure involves breast augmentation, breast implant removal and revision, breast lift, augmentation and reduction. Fat reduction includes liposuction and non surgical fat reduction likewise all other groups includes several individual treatments which are assisted with laser or ultrasound or by non surgical treatment.

Most of the people often do face and neck cosmetic surgery procedures which involves brow lift for forehead lift, buccal fat removal for cheek reduction, cheek augmentation for cheek enhancement, chin surgery for mentoplasty, ear surgery for otoplasty. Like there are several treatments included like eyelid surgery, facelift surgery, facial implants, neck lift and rhinoplasty all these are done with ultrasonic assistance and surgical treatment.

Facial cosmetic procedure

This is one of the most common surgery procedure used for face shaping and in this procedure you can change the nose fall by taking rhinoplasty. For shaping eyes, ears, chin and cheeks there are separate treatments available, to the great extend you can completely change your face to unrecognized one. While doing these facial procedures you can result with small side effects such as dimple in cheeks.

Body cosmetic surgery procedure:

Some people wish to reshape their body and it can be done through body cosmetic surgery procedure. This surgery procedure commonly includes surgeries like breast, tummy, abdomen, thigh, knee and waist. Some may wish to resize their bum so in cosmetic surgery they place silicon to make the bum more firm same way this is also done for the claves.


This cosmetic surgery is most common one to reduce the weight or to suck the unwanted fat settled in different parts of the body. This surgery is done mainly to change your physical appearance as thin, among all surgeries liposuction is widely used by people with overweight but with stable body. In this surgery a hollow instrument is inserted below the skin and high pressurized vacuum is applied to it which makes the instrument to suck all the fat settled on the particular area. This treatment is mainly done to the adults since they have thick skins it is not done for aged persons as they have loose skins.